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June 14, 2015

Navigating the Evidence:Communicating Canadian Health Policy in the Media

Navigating the Evidence: Communicating Canadian Health Policy in the Media is a snapshot of the complex and controversial health policy issues currently debated in the Canadian press.  The volume is a compilation of the commentaries published in major newspapers in 2014, written by experts in the health policy field in Manitoba and across the country (see below for a sample of what’s included  including the authors of the opeds) and attached for complete contents – including all those with French translations.

These Op-Eds highlight the most recent evidence on a wide range of topics, including our aging population, healthcare sustainability, costs and spending, and the impact of the social determinants of health.  It also contains essays addressing key concerns around mental health, obesity and pharmaceutical policy, among other topics. Since it is free! – it has great potential for use in health policy courses and for students and faculty looking for an update on key health policy issues.

This is the third volume in the annual series of eBooks produced by, the first being Canadian Health Policy in the News (2013), followed by Making Evidence Matter in Canadian Health Policy (2014).

All of our eBooks are available free of charge in a number of different formats, including Apple (for iPads and other Apple devices), Google Play (for Android devices), Google Books, Kindle, and PDF (for desktop computers), so please share widely with friends and colleagues and feel free to use the book for teaching purposes.  Please also consider sharing the book via social media channels.

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